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    With such a variety of craft beer styles and our dedication to guest experience, City Tap House® has quickly become one of the best bars in Philadelphia. Be sure to browse our site and check out our beer list, upcoming special events, private party packages, and happy hour information. There are many different styles and sub styles within the world of craft beer. Luckily, City Tap House®, a craft beer bar known for its draft selection, affords everyone the opportunity to taste a wide variety of high quality IPAs, Porters, Ambers, Stouts and other types of beer. Visit City Tap House® and witness first-hand why we have the best beer in Philadelphia! Wheats Are typically soft on the palate, citrusy & light. Though all wheat beers share certain characteristics, different varieties offer different profiles. Witbiers are very cloudy in appearance, unfiltered, and are always spiced (coriander, orange peel and other oddball spices or herbs). Hefeweizen is a German style wheat, which produces unique flavors of banana and clove, often dry, with some notes of spice, bubblegum or apple. Berliner Weisse, another German style, tastes refreshing and tart with sour acidity and almost no hop bitterness. More complex wheat beers fall under the category of Weizenbock with bolder malt characteristics of dark fruits. Belgians Dominated by yeast, also come with a variety of flavor profiles. Saisons are sturdy farmhouse ales with fruity aromas and flavors. Earthy yeast tones, some tartness, spice and medium bitterness add to their complexity. A Belgian Dubbel is a rich malty beer with some spice and can own traits of a steely caramel flavor from the use of crystal malt or dark candy sugar. The Tripel is brewed with up to three times the amount of malt. Traditionally, Tripels are bright yellow to gold in color and offer a sweetness that comes from pale malts and higher alcohol. Pale Ales and IPAs Have many different interpretations depending on where it was brewed. The style is popular worldwide and the use of local ingredients, or imported, produces variances in character from region to region. The Kolsch is light to medium in body with pale color and hop bitterness is medium to slightly assertive. American Pale Ales tend to be cleaner and hoppier, while British versions tend to be maltier, buttery, aromatic and balance. The vast varieties of the Pale Ale make for an interesting journey as you get to know and appreciate each style. Moving down our list into the Malty/Roasty selections, the adventurous drinker can choose from Scotch Ales, Brown Ales, Porters and Stouts. Huge flavors of black malts, chocolate or coffee can be found here. City Tap House® rounds out its robust list with tribute to great Pilsners and the fuller flavors of Lagers & Bocks, brewed both locally and from Germany and the Czech Republic. What makes City Tap House® different than other craft beer bars in Philly? In addition to the ever evolving list, special events are a main focus for team of craft enthusiasts. Events featuring rarities like Bells Hopslam and Pliny the Younger, make this location one of the hottest bars in the craft beer world. Tap Takeovers occur through-out the year highlighting incredible breweries, allowing guests to sip and savor multiple draft beer styles at the same time, in one place, with the best beer in Philadelphia. Check out our beer list at The extensive draft selection makes us the best bar in Philadelphia for quality craft beers on tap. Our staff is more than happy to answer all questions and guide you to finding your favorite style of craft. Follow us on our Twitter @taphousephilly for inside information.

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